GeoConex® advises that you check your Emergency Notification System, or ENS, if you are an organization that is responsible for public safety. Testing, reviewing, and updating your ENS systems helps to ensure that your ENS reaches the right audience if a crisis or emergency should occur.  GeoConex® recommends the following steps to ensure that your Emergency Notification system is ready.


Make sure that your stakeholder data is updated. By creating a self-registration page for your stakeholders, you can be assured that everyone is in your ENS. Schedule periodic email reminders throughout the entire year, as this will remind your stakeholders to update and review their profile.


If you haven’t already done so ask GeoConex® about integrating your ENS with another system such as ERP. By doing this your EMNS will automatically be updated with the most up-to-date information.


By reviewing and updating your divisions and groups. Check your groups and make sure that all of your stakeholders are included. If you have made changes to your divisions and use divisional branding check to ensure that all divisional agents and administrators are still in your public safety organization.


Check and update your templates. Templates are easy and a good way to ensure that all of the right people are notified in the event of a disaster or crisis. Create messages for all templates and double check that each group has been assigned to the correct template. Check your audio on demand for clarity and make sure that every acronym, number, and word is clear and concise.


Emergency Notification System tests should be conducted throughout the year. Make sure that your stakeholders are aware that you are conducted a test. However, be careful that you do not over test, as you do not want your stakeholders to ignore the ENS if an emergency should arise.


Contact GeoConex® if you have additional questions about your ENS, as you want to make sure that your Public Safety Organization is prepared for the next emergency or disaster.