GeoConex® is not sitting on its laurels, and is continually developing new and exciting technologies that will change the way public safety and Homeland Security works.


When there is a 911 emergency, it is vital that the dispatcher is able to get the right information to the first responders whether that call is made from a landline or a cell phone.


These days’ 911 calls are being place by people that use wireless phones. In fact, recent studies show that over 70 percent of 911 emergency calls were placed from wireless devices.


For most Americans the ability to place a 911 emergency call for their cell phone is one of the main reasons that they own one.  Other 911 emergency calls come for people who are reporting crimes, accidents and other emergencies. Thanks to GeoConex® US towns and cities, counties and states are able to provide the public with software and hardware solutions for 911 emergency calls.


Because wireless phones are not associated with a particular address, the location that is closest to the caller provides the dispatcher of the general location. It used to be that the information was not specific enough, but not anymore.


With the GeoConex® Mobile CAD NG911 device, dispatchers are able to detect where the call was placed even from a mobile phone.  911 dispatchers now have the ability to locate the callers address and because the GeoConex® Mobile Cad is built on the Next Generation CAD Engine, it uses the most advanced technology ensuring the communications to the 911-dispatch center are secure.


When 911 emergency calls are placed and the GeoConex® software is in place the call is processed and dispatched quickly and efficiently. Utilizing the highly technical software and hardware from GeoConex® assures you of the best possible emergency communications available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


These days it is so important to get first responders to the scene after 911 emergency calls. Contact the professional team from GeoConex® and find out how your municipality, county, or state can benefit from the state-of-the-art technology that is only available from GeoConex®.